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Meet the newest companion for your camera pouch! The PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL LENS! 

This simple, yet astounding glass ball was made to put the background in total focus, and do exactly that in an elegant and simple manner! You can use the PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL LENS to take some of the most amazing pictures you'll ever see! It's a must have for your next adventure! Say goodbye to hassle of expensive equipment to take unique and stunning shots - the lens ball does it all. Unique ultra focused shots that don't break the bank!

3 Sizes available! The 60mm Pocket size fits into almost any pocket and is super easy to carry around anywhere. The 80 mm larger version captures more of the background and therefor makes for the best size in our opinion!

Every single PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL LENS is hand inspected for imperfections. About 25% of the PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL LENS ball make the cut, the others get prepared for recycle and start back at square one again!



  • The PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL LENS starts off as a perfectly cut K9 glass cube, cut with diamond cutting blades.
  • The cubes are then gradually heated up to a temperature of 1600 degress celsius so they become soft and moldable.
  • The heated cubes are then put into a sphereric mold and pressed to shape under hydraulic press.
  • To ensure the sphere comes out as perfect and accurate as possible the newly pressed spheres are then very slowly cooled down to room temperatures.
  • When the spheres are at the perfect temperature, they are polished with multiple polishing routines to create a flawless and transparent surface.

The PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL LENS is surely one of the most innovative and creative photoghraphy tools of 2018. No other tool beats the PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL LENS in terms of versatility. It can be used to get the absolutely most magnificent shots out of anything. Whether you like nature, street, art, wedding or any other kind of photography. In the end, nothing really is more important than what you can do ON THE FLY with your camera. The PHOTOGRAPHY CRYSTAL LENS makes a perfect shot out of almost any moment. We're certain you will absolutely love it.

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