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2pcs Magic Nano Rubber Pad - Universal Sticker

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Stick Anything, Anywhere!

Designed to let you stick anything, anywhere, our super sticky and reusable gel pads are the perfect solution for all your fixing needs.

Imagine all the possibilities when you can stick anything, anywhere...

2pcs Magic Nano Rubber Pad - Universal Sticker

Just gently throw it to any surface.

Holds objects firmly and steadily at any angle.

Reusable; rinse away the dust only with water to regain its stickiness.

High-temperature resistance; would not deform or melt in a hot environment (such as inside a car under the scorching sun).

Easily removable from any surface without leaving any trace or stain.

2pcs Magic Nano Rubber Pad - Universal Sticker

What can you use  Nano Multi-Purpose Gel Pad 2.0 for?
Rental housing replacement for hooks, bluetack or tape. No damage and a stronghold.
Conference and Seminar use for temporary posters and displays.
Fix carpets, display items, organize remotes, chargers, and cables.
Clean dirt and lint from different areas.
Fixate smartphones and tablets to various surfaces for steady video calling.


Car and boast adhesive for smartphones, cameras, and GPS during travel.
So much more possibilities!